Who are we?

We, the creators of Cronforce, spent many years as executives at world leading companies. In order to make the correct managerial decisions we spent most of our time with outdated home brewed tools, heavy and expensive enterprise stacks and daily engineering with spreadsheets. We believe our application can solve many managerial problems and leave all other solutions in the past.

What is Cronforce?

Cronforce is a unique blend of business critical tools for small and medium sized businesses with powerful analytics. A one of a kind fusion of dashboards and business modules it provides you and your clients with real-time overview and reports of business and project developments. Time has never been so easy to capture be it working time or vacations and absences. Workforce planning and budget controlling save valuable manager time that was used before for cumbersome number crunching and project costing. The platform is running in the cloud so you can access data easily, anywhere and any time. Cronforce’s genuine dashboards display real-time company critical information so that C-level execs, line managers and project managers can make educated decisions. There is no need to re-enter time, rates and project tasks from other software you already use. Cronforce integrates with your existing project management system, ERP and HR tools e.g. Jira, Basecamp, MS Navision, Peoplesoft. Our UIX experts take great care to optimize the product so that we crush the notion that enterprise software is old fashion, cluttered and hard to use. Effectively we facilitate day-to-day business and increase efficiency!

Why are we doing this?

Modern organisations are agile, fast and open for change. Our ultimate goal is to enable executives to understand their organization in terms of time usage and resource utilization. We believe that this is the key to building AAA teams and viable high performing organization.

What is next?

We are working on hundreds of improvements such as integrations with other existing solutions, seamless time capture from any source, better visualization of key metrics and many more. Feel free to tell us more at info [a] cronforce.com.

Our Company

Feel free to reach out to us at info [a] cronforce.com or visit us in our headquarters:

Lipoguard Ltd
Venelin Str. 27
1142 Sofia

Monday - Friday: 8am - 8pm CET

More company info can be found in our Legal Disclaimer (Impressum).

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