3 Common Project Management Challenges Which Cronforce Tackles Directly

Project management – no matter if the project at hand is a small, medium, or a huge one, can be hell. Given the fact that you have to juggle so much things at once, it’s no wonder a big, menacing, fat gap full of possible project management challenges opens right up. You stare at it, and it stares right back at you. Trickles of sweat run across your back. The gap smiles hungrily.

Are you doomed, altogether with your project?

The good news is: no, not if you decide to fight back at least. Project management challenges are meant to be tackled. And we have developed our software to help you turn these “tackles” into guaranteed victories. Here are 3 pretty common project management challenges addressed directly by Cronforce to ensure your success.

Changes in the scope of your project

Rarely is any project a constant. It moves around like a snake, demanding a change in budgeting, deadlines, work force, ideas…Scope changes can make or break a project and rank among the highest project management challenges you will come across.

Tweaking the scope might come from either clients or supervisors. Most of the time, of course, clients are the source of this project management revolution. However, pro project managers won’t give up easily to just any request for scope change. And they will defend their decision with hard facts and figures.

Project scopes are among the most common project management challenges.

Simply put, you need to gauge every request and explain how (and why) it will influence the overall flow of the project and its budget. Cronforce enters the game with two ways to help you out. First, a solid project structuring feature with phases, tasks and subprojects. That’s the skeleton of your project and the scope you have set. Secondly, an intelligent take on fluid project management, giving you extensive project budgeting and project planning reports and overviews.

Providing statistics and figures just got way easier (and with that, your project management responsibilities).

Abandon ship! Or lack of team communication

You can’t spell out project management without bearing your team in mind. In order for a project to be properly done, team communication has to be on point. No, it has to be straight out impeccable. Otherwise you risk a) your project, b) your client and c) your overall reputation.

However, as you might have noticed already, we humans have some communication issues inherent to the way we think and act. Add to that the trend of globally dispersed, mobile workers, and a “project management challenge” can easily evolve into an “Abandon ship!” scenario. Oh, and did we forget to mention that your business most probably is divided into distinctive departments? In other words, there are further factors weakening the communication links in your project management.

Bad communication risks the integrity of your current project - and overall project management.

Our team members are from various countries, so we fully understand that issue. Cronforce removes proper communication barriers by:

  • Providing you with numerous 3rd party integrations that enforce easy, on-point communication. Both across regions and across your business’s departments.
  • Smart vacations and absences  scheduling to avoid any “Wait, but I thought you’d be online and working this Thursday” scenarios.
  • Upcoming workforce planning supported by a mobile ready web app to nail down all these organization structures and departmentalizations your business needs.

The elusive accountability

If communication can be bad, what can we say about accountability? Every single time a project rolls around, you can bet that accountability will shine as one of the top project management challenges you’ll experience.

Let’s face it, how many accountable people have you really met? Not that much. Now throw more people into the mix, and watch accountability slip right out the door.

However, as a project manager, you absolutely have to take care of everyone bearing their responsibility. Your workers are molecules, and the chemical reaction also known as “successfully finished project” won’t come out if they don’t account for their work.

Ditch the “I thought John had to do this” or “Hey, I really did work more than 30 hours on that integration! Fair and square!” issues. They plague a project, build up tension, and risk the integrity of what your team does.

We help out with providing you flexible timesheets for your team. After creating a project, you can just set up specific workflows and tasks for every single member of your team. Not only this, but Cronforce also lets you get some sweet role based access and set up supervisors to make sure your project fares even smoother. Extensive reports, time tracking and additional 3rd party integrations work towards an important end goal: transparency and accountability.
If you suffer from any of these 3 quite common project management challenges, then maybe you can give Cronforce a spin. We’ve got a free trial waiting, reserved just for you and your business (and team). Of course, the project management challenges we listed are a small part of the issues you might encounter as a project manager. But then again, we provide so much more too, as we understand your project management pains and seek to alleviate them.

The Cronforce.com Team