Amazing 2015. 2016 is going to be even better.

2016 rolled out and we’re hoping you had a great celebration and set your minds on the goals you want to achieve throughout the year!

For us, the New Year celebration put an end to a crazy 2015. Cronforce’s last 12 months were a real rollercoaster of emotions, events and achievements. Luckily, with your help and appreciation of our business software, the rollercoaster ended at a high point. With that, we’re ready to tackle an even better-looking 2016!

Let’s get a brief overview of what happened. We know it might seem dull to you, but we gauged what worked (and how it worked) for us, so last year’s trends are the basis of what you’re going to receive from us over this new year.

Expanding our portfolio to meet the needs you have

Cronforce started humbly, with a pack of well-tested functionalities. It was meant as a steady, reliable tool for tackling common project management issues. We had a MVP, we developed it as a core, and took it from there. You helped us refine and expand its functions later on.

Throughout the last years many projects managers and teams messaged us that a budget-related feature would complement Cronforce’s existing portfolio. So we worked on one and added the Finance module with its advanced budgeting, project costs overview and many other integral functions for a business of any size.

If you haven’t checked it out already, get your financial groove on and test it now!

Sailing the 3rd party integration seas with success

You also nodded towards our beneficial 3rd party integrations, mentioning how that made us shine in comparison with other business management solutions. That’s why we went further and added an award-winning Jira integration with the core of our project management software.

We like to believe it was yet another reason for the prestigious FinancesOnline awarding us with a Great User Experience badge.

As Jira is getting the industry favorite, we feel it will continue to gain traction as one of our most important 3rd party integrations. Why not give it a spin and tell us what you think of it?

Project management and time tracking with Jira


The social side of it all

We know everyone is so keen on social media right now, but we did some precious offline networking too. (Not only with our project management clients, we can be fun too, you know!)

Going back and forth, we ended up attending as much as 30 events. From industry-related happenings to events focused on startups or general tech, we gained important insight. It sure helped us re-imagine some Cronforce features for the better.

As it was our second Cronforce year, it was pretty spectacular to be able to connect with so many people! We also got to conclude some crucial partnerships that kickstarted a promising new 2016.


But if you really want to know about the social media side of things…Well, we tweeted a great deal of almost 1 200 tweets. What’s more important, close to 2 700 people on Twitter and the same amount of similarly thinking sidekicks decided to give us a like on Facebook. It’s a great result so we’re looking forward to taking our social media communication to the next level.

Best of all, we started producing more content on our blog. Seems like you like it, as we had some heartwarming thumbs up for that on our email!

Looking to the future with more project management in mind

2015 feels like a warm-up practice. We learned our lessons and you helped us throughout the process. We have just started giving back to you – and shaping Cronforce as the power business management software we want to see it develop as.

Thank you for being around over the last year. 2016 will be even crazier and we guarantee that you and your teams will love it. Stick with us and let’s reimagine how intelligent project management looks like. It’ll be beautiful.

The Team

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