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We are very excited to announce the release of our German version of the Cronforce cloud application. If the administrator of the system has configured German as default language you will get German language when you log in. If you want to switch it to your preferred language just click on your profile picture in the header, select language and save your changes.

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Why Timesheets Matter

Oh, timesheets. You mean, these guys who always require to be filled neatly, forcing us to spare precious time, making us feel swamped by minutes, hours, reports…

Wait, wait. We have already discussed the fact that late timesheets might put a gloomy mood on your end of the week. We’re also certainly familiar with the negative feelings business owners, project managers and employees find in their hearts upon hearing the word “timesheet”.

Despite your reluctance, however, proper timesheets are the backbone of any well-structured business. Before we discuss why are you exactly in a very favorable timesheet position without even knowing it yet, let’s expand on something else…

The I hate timesheets crowd

As with everything, timesheets have their proponents and opponents. For some, “why timesheets matter” is an irrelevant topic: they don’t want to see any of these, no matter their value. “But we’re adults,” they would say. “Timesheets actually treat us like children, spoiled and carefree.”

Surely, for some, timesheets show that employers or project managers don’t have faith in a team member’s abilities or self-control. It’s a breach of trust, in a way.

Others take it to a more practical level: why would an employee be judged by how long they have been working? Isn’t getting things done more important than the time it has taken you to complete your tasks? Aren’t we mixing quantity and quality, risking to compromise efficiency?

And last but not least, time wasted on reporting your billable hours and executed task is precious. “Why timesheets matter” turns into “Do timesheets matter that much that I’ll be wasting several hours of my time every week reporting them?” Timesheet filling can be such a dull task, they say. It also takes a significant time that can be used more effictively for real work.

Don't be late on realizing why timesheets matter.

The I love timesheets crowd

Rising against the “anti-timesheets” crowd, proponents insist on the fact that timesheets have to do with something tangible. It’s called “protection” and “security”. “Why timesheets matter?”, they would raise an eyebrow. “Easy: because they are official, legal documents that vouch for any employee’s work and its credibility.”

True, timesheets have several significant benefits, and providing an official representation of any team member’s work is one of them.This works in favor of either the business owner or the employee, depending on the case. If an employer is being dishonest about paying a team member’s wage, timesheets will clear up the situation. If an employee pretends to be working, but his hourly activity is close to zero, timesheets act as an aid once again.

Another huge benefit to timesheets is the fact that they provide you with detailed records of everything. Which means team members can collaborate better and business owners will be able to see increased worker efficiency. Project managers and supervisors also have it cozy: timesheets mean an easy overview on how each team member is faring on the current project. Hours tracked, overtime levels, project completion, possible future project challenges…

“Why timesheets matter” becomes a “Because without them we wouldn’t be able to have any team structure to tackle projects” statement.

Another very crucial positive side to why timesheets matter is the improved communication within a certain business or enterprise. You can think of it as a by-product of the increased team efficiency and inherent transparency. When everyone knows their proper goals and targets – and the road to achieving them, company affairs are lighter.

Projects are broken down into milestones and checkpoints, project managers and supervisors have a clear overview of the whole process. Communication between company layers and levels entails significantly lower stress and anxiety. Think of a properly timesheet-powered business as a smoothly running engine, where every single part knows where it’s currently standing.

Why any timesheet worries are a thing of the past

Let’s return to the “I don’t care why timesheets matter; I hate them” crowd. If you take a close look at the complaints dealing with timesheets, you might notice something.

Look closer…

Did you notice that? For many people, filling timesheets is a tedious, time-consuming process. It also “judges” an employee in some way.

Sure, it must have been like this some years ago. However, a new generation of timesheet tracking is here, powered by many online timesheet software projects. Introducing an automated system, they require little to no efforts exerted by any team member. Easy, simple, intuitive – and ready for any business, from small businesses to enormous enterprises.

Timesheets with Cronforce

Let’s revise the question “Why timesheets matter?”

Well, because they have evolved tremendously. Now they’re the backbone your business needs…sans all that setting up and tracking hassle you had to deal with before. Online timesheet systems are ridiculous easy to do. You can quickly fill any information from anywhere, using any device, at any time. 1, 2, 3…you tap, stop or start your time tracker, and you’re done.

Timesheets have evolved from the traditional “I’m watching you” employer to employee mentality to a communication hub. As teams get decentralized and increasingly dispersed through various countries, online timesheets bring them together. Led by project managers, they make sure your project will be conducted with precision and effectiveness.

Our take on why timesheets matter

As we know how important timesheets are for any business, we made a simple decision. Many businesses reported to us that they face a myriad of modern-day issues. Giving the concept a thought, we decided to make an online timesheet software that tackles and solves them. Cronforce came to be after we interviewed and gauged the needs of many companies – from startups to small business to enterprises. With their help, we identified the most crucial of challenges for business owners, team members, supervisors and project managers alike. And we acted upon that.

That’s why you see our online timesheet software covering anything from easy time captures segmented into projects, to detailed dashboards with statistics or flexible approval workflows. You can use Cronforce to not only segment projects into roles and assign timesheets, but also export any reports to Excel, PDF, Google Drive or CSV. And to top it off, we have improved your online timesheet experience by introducing rich 3rd party integrations with services like Jira, Trello and Basecamp.

So what would be our take on the “Why timesheets matter” discussion?

Easy. Because if you want to be successful, you need to introduce an intelligent, flexible and extensive timesheet system to your team. Cronforce just might be a suitable solution. What’s even better, we have a free trial waiting for you to assure yourself of how timesheets will kickstart your business. Check it out and tell us what you think!

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