Excel Timesheet – Is It Really Free?

Excel timesheets may seem like the easiest solution for tracking the time of your employees. Everybody knows how to use Excel, after all, and in addition to everything – if you have the Excel program (as many do), these timesheets are free. A large number of companies, some of them big, indeed still use Excell timesheets for their time management.

Excel timesheets are certainly a very simple solution. But are they really “free”?

While it’s true that you will not have to pay anyone to use Excel timesheets, producing them takes a certain effort – you can either use precious worker’s time to create the sheet or use a ready-made template you can find on the internet. But which template to use? Which would fit your schedule and needs?

But that’s ok. You found the right Excel timesheet format for your organization. You still have to make sure that your entire workforce uses it correctly – filling times out, copying-pasting the information around, putting information in the right way and then sending them to be approved at the right times.

More than that – you need someone to manage the timesheets. To process them, check if they are indeed correct, check that the times are plugged in the right way, consolidate and standardise the information, correct and manage any errors that were made, and hopefully put all in correct order to make sure entries are organised and subsequent. Who would that person be? Probably one of your human resources or project managers. None of these guys’ time is any near cheap.

But can you make any sense of this data? Can you actually produce any sort of insights out of the timesheets you have? Can you aggregate these timesheets into the state of time management in a whole project? Can you figure out if holidays are being taken correctly overall? Can you translate these incoming timesheets into finances? Yes, you probably can. If your company is small, with one or two employees, this task is  probably going to be rather easy. But what do you do when you have tens of timesheets to process every week? Or more?

You can always call your Business Intelligence team. But are you sure you want to use their expertise and time just to manage the time and attendance of your company?

Excel timesheets are “free”, but their real cost can be far from cheap. If you want your company to scale, if you want to free your employees to focus on tasks that actually earn your company money, Excel timesheets are probably not the right choice. You need an efficent and modern solution that is designed for companies that want to compete.

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The Cronforce.com Team