Frequently Asked Questions

1. General

1.1 What is Cronforce?

Cronforce is a unique blend of business critical tools for small and medium sized businesses with powerful analytics. A one of a kind fusion of dashboards and business modules it provides you and your clients with real-time overview and reports of business and project developments. Time has never been so easy to capture be it working time or vacations and absences. Workforce planning and budget controlling save valuable manager time that was used before for cumbersome number crunching and project costing.

The platform is running in the cloud so you can access data easily, anywhere and any time. Cronforce’s genuine dashboards display real-time company critical information so that C-level execs, line managers and project managers can make educated decisions. There is no need to re-enter time, rates and project tasks from other software you already use. Cronforce integrates with your existing project management system, ERP and HR tools e.g. Jira, Basecamp, MS Navision, Peoplesoft. Our UIX experts take great care to optimize the product so that we crush the notion that enterprise software is old fashion, cluttered and hard to use. Effectively we facilitate day-to-day business and increase efficiency!

1.2 First steps with Cronforce: A quick How-to guide

We have put together a brief tutorial to walk you through the first essential steps on how to use Cronforce.

1.3 Configure your company

Read our dedicated article: How to configure your company account.

1.4 Create departments, clients and projects

Check out our video tutorial about departments, clients and projects.

1.5 Understand project structures

Read our dedicated article: Project structures explained.

1.6 Create powerful reports

One of the most highly regarded section of Cronforce is the Reports area. Please read our dedicated article How to create powerful reports and master data export in just a couple of minutes.

2. Timesheets module

2.1 Ultimate guide to time tracking

Read our dedicated article about how to get timesheets running in no time.

2.2 Timesheets video tutorial

Shortly after the release of our first tutorials follows another burst of videos. This time we deep dive into how to use the Cronforce Timesheets module. Enjoy!

2.3 Set limits to workers time
2.4 Timer clock tool explained

Read our dedicated article about our time clock tool.

2.5 Clock-in/out tool explained

Read our dedicated article about how to use Clock-in/out tool.

3. Timeoffs module

3.1 Ultimate guide to tracking vacations and absences

Read our dedicated article about how to get timeoffs running in no time.

3.2 Timeoffs video tutorial

This time we deep dive into how to use the Cronforce Timeoffs module. Enjoy!

4. Finance module

4.1 Ultimate guide to track budgets and control costs

Read our dedicated article about how to get your budgets and costs in control.

4.2 Finance video tutorial

The Finance module is undoubtedly the cherry on top of the cake. Set first billable rate and budget in no time, then control your spend. Enjoy our latest showcase!

4.3 Set up monthly budgets

Read our dedicated article: Set up monthly budgets.

5. Integrations and more

5.1 Integration with PM, ERP, HR and Payroll tools

Check out our Product Integrations list.

5.2 Integration with Jira
5.3 Integration with Google Chrome

Since last year, our Google integration has helped thousands of Cronforce users track time seamlessly within their organisations. For more information read our dedicated article Introducing the new Cronforce Chrome Extension.

5.4 Project structures explained

Read our dedicated article: Project structures explained

6. Misc

6.1 What happens after I sign up?

We will give you immediate access to the system and our onboarding tooltips will give you a quick overview. We will also send you an e-mail to confirm your password.

6.2 Do you ask for payment information when registering for a free trial?

No, never.

6.3 Will I be charged when the free trial is over?

No. We never ask for payment information when registering for a free trial. We also send several warnings when your 30 day trial is about to expire and eventually remove the account. This means that your data will not be kept on our systems and there is no need to request deletion.

6.4 Will the data from the Free trial be carried over to the paid account?

Yes. All data is migrated to your paid account. All Clients, Projects, and Employee lists are carried over to your paid account together with the logged work, time off and budgets.

6.5 Is there a limit for the number of users during the Free Trial?

Yes. We allow up to 10 users to be onboarded during the free trial. If you need more just write to our friendly support team.

6.6 Will you extend my free trial if I do not have enough time to try Cronforce?

Gladly. We understand that you are busy and time flies. Just send us an email and we will add 30 extra days.

6.7 How do I pay for Cronforce if I decide to use it?

We accept all major credit cards, paypal and wire transfer. You would be billed on a monthly or yearly basis (20% off) for the number of active users.

6.8 Can I cancel my paid account anytime?

Yes. Even with the paid account, there is absolutely no obligation. Simply send us an email and we will close the account.

6.9 If I stop paying for my account, can I resume paying at a later date and continue using Cronforce?

Yes. Cronforce will let you do that. We will work with you whatever your temporary situation might be. We will keep your inactive data for free, for a maximum of 1 month (or more if explicitly requested) after the account becomes overdue or inactive.

6.9.10 Can I downgrade from a paid account to the Free plan at any time?

Yes. However, as the free plan allows only two active users, you will need to deactivate all other users. You will still be able to access past time sheets, time off and reports of all users.

6.9.11 Can someone from Cronforce assist me with the setup during the free trial?

Absolutely! Just drop us an email at We love helping our customers!

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