How to set up working time limits for your employees

Many clients ask for our help in defining the attendance rules for their timesheet account. This is why we put some helpful hints together in this brief summary so you can get your time keeping rules streamlined.

You can set working time on three levels:

  • Company level
  • User level
  • Project level


Company level

The Company level sets default values for all Users. You can find the option in Settings > Time and there you can set daily and weekly hours allowed for all employees. If you leave this empty then you remove all restrictions and allow to book up to the physical limits e.g. 24h per day. One important hint here: if you enter a zero you disallow time bookings.

Max hours in Company Settings

User level

This option is mostly used for external consultants in a business. Setting time on the User level is very similar to the same action on a Company level and allows you to override standard Company settings. You can then allow less or more hours for your employees. This option is available in the User profile and can be reached through Settings > Users > Click on a User Profile.

In order to select different hourly limits for a user you have to uncheck the default settings and then can enter your custom values. This allows you to keep your custom values intact if you change the company defaults at a later point in time. Keep in mind that if Default setting is deactivated the same logic as described for settings website like this at Company level will apply.

Default company work hours





Project level

The Project level sets a daily limit of hours allowed per project for all users in a project team. If you select the checkbox to ignore max hours allowed per user (see User level) it will ignore any higher entries set on User level.

Max hours per day per project


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