Jira Integration Troubleshooting

We noticed that our Jira integration is difficult to get running for some clients. So we have compiled a short list of helpful hints.

When I synchronize my Jira logs zero tasks get synchronized. How do I solve this?

Check first if you have logged time at least once to the issue with the account you use for synchronization. For this you normally use the Log Work function in Jira.

Second, check that you had the Jira issues assigned to the account you try to synchronize with. For example, if you work on issue MYPROJECT-115 ensure it has been assigned to you at least once.

Last but not least ensure you enter your username instead of email when you synchronize with Jira.

And please do not forget – you are always welcome to contact us at support@cronforce.com if you need any help.

The Cronforce.com Team