NEW: Track your Jira tasks with Cronforce

We use Jira every day and we are not the only ones. Jira is awesome and many businesses use it to control the development of their products.

The good news is that now fully integrates with Jira. And by fully we mean also smartly: our tech team has put their heart and soul to literally take off the burden of time tracking from developers. How they did it:

  • Projects in Jira are matched 1:1 with projects in Cronforce
  • Tasks in Jira are matched 1:1 with tasks in Cronforce
  • Ticket data is transferred with one click from Jira into Cronforce
  • Ticket duration is also smartly filled in for you

What is left for you? You just have to press submit. If you get stuck please also check our Jira Integration Troubleshooting.

Now this is from the perspective of the developer but what about the managers? You will probably agree with our assumptions that 1. Engineers are some of your most expensive employees, and 2. timesheet take approximately half an hour each week.

Then just think about the following scenario: 30 min saved each week x 100 people equals 50 hours billable time. At a lets say a rate of 30 euro/hour this gives you 1 500 euro a week or approximate 6 000 euro a month. Instead of losing this amount you can invoice it to your clients for the extra work being delivered. By the way at the current rate will cost you 500 euro for that period. A good deal, no?

The Team