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NEXT B2B Forum Frankfurt


Last Thursday, the 13th of November, the team flew over to Frankfurt for an event of a new kind – the NEXT B2B FORUM organised by the Global Shapers Hub Frankfurt of the World Economic Forum. The evening event took place in the stunning BLOOMBERG office and we very much enjoyed the 360 degree night skyline from the 18th floor.

One of the main entrepreneurial learnings for an emerging  high growth business  is to stay as close as possible to your customer. And this event has managed to deliver exactly that for us. Along the impressive discussions with provocative titles such as “Software is eating the Banking Industry – be prepared or be disrupted” and high profile keynotes from BCG and ECB, we managed to talk to one of our major target groups. And we pretty much liked what we heard – time tracking is needed but always a pain and way to inefficient. The showcase of our time sheet cloud platform and engaging visualisation of company efficiency KPIs received a few WOWs and not surprisingly generated new friends and several introductions.

It was a truly memorable evening with truly engaging speakers and audience so we look forward to the next event. We would also like to extend our special thanks to Karim Mustaghni and Rositsa Zaimova for the invite and warm welcome. We always try to take new learnings home and this time we jotted down one particularly memorable quote: “No action is no option. Don’t protect the past from the future!” ~ Dr. Basir Mustaghni (Principal, BCG)

The Team