Timesheet dashboards give instant visibility of your company

In a business where you know every worker by name and you are all sitting in a small office, it is pretty clear what’s going on. You know when someone does not show up, you know when a worker has a month with many absences, you know what just about everybody is working on and at the end of the month you know how the business performed.

But a company grows. And with growth things become more complicated. In a modern dynamic work environment you simply cannot rely on mere familiarity with workers to understand where your company stands. Certainly not when the business size exceeds the small cosy office. In a highly demanding and competitive environment, in order to understand your performance you need numbers. You need facts. You need insights.

Timetracking is not only a tool for tracking and billing time of your workers, it is also incredibly important in order to gain insights about your company. Timesheets introduce a standardised format for all workers to input their work time, and such aggregation is an invaluable tool to measure everything from a project’s progress to the financial well-being of the entire business.

Cronforce is designed to equip you with such insights and you can find them in the Timesheet Dashboard section.

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The first graph in this section provides information of all employee working hours and this is transparent to workers according to their role – be it at project, department or company level. Here you can see a timeline with a breakdown of all recorded hours (via timesheets) as billable, non-billable and timeoff ones. This is spread over time and can be further narrowed down by week, month or year. It grants you an understanding of the time distribution and performance of the company. So you notice, at any moment, if many workers are absent, if billable hours go up or down etc.

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The next graph shows the rate of submissions and approvals of timesheets over time. It indicates the amount being submitted on time vs. the late ones, and the percentage on time. This helps you to control discipline and be able to invoice on time vs. waiting and reminding your employees.

Last but not least in the dashboard section you have two tables summing up the number of late submissions and approval of timesheets from the past three months. This provides you with a tool to sildenafil20mgonline single out the people that negatively influence your established processes and take necessary measures.

Overall, thanks to the timesheet dashboard there is no need to crunch data any more. It visualises time spent across the company, reveals time processing discipline with ease and enables managers to take action.


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