The 10 deadly sins of project business

the 10 deadly sins of project managementThroughout the years we have had tons of interactions with clients. Under the motto “Even the best fall down sometimes” I believe we have made all mistakes possible which is of course the motivation behind building Cronforce. So here is our top 10 list, enjoy!

  • Not submitting and approving timesheet on time annoys project managers, accountants and not surprisingly the top management.
  • Writing non descriptive or misleading comments in your timesheet seriously upsets your company accountant when a client refuses to pay using the comments as justification.
  • Booking time on the wrong project – definitely pisses off at least one of your clients and tends to explode in few months time when nobody expects.
  • Taking vacations without considering the vacations of the team – often leads to team members with overlapping competencies gone at the same time in the most critical phase of a project.
  • Failing to consider vacations in your resource planning – undoubtedly leads to missed deadlines and unhappy clients.
  • Not accounting for vital resources for the completion of your project – can actually endanger your project as whole
  • Running over-budget – this probably upsets clients the most.
  • Running under-budget – at first looks like a sweet deal for the client but actually any planned but unused budget leads to a reduction of their funds in the following year.
  • Plugging too low or too high rate for your employees – you may well end up working at loss, for free or for the last time with this client.
  • Billing one resource with different roles and rates to the same client – oh, that can easily spoil your complete client relationship as it is offer seen as a way to overcharge for services.

If we missed some feel free to tell your story in our comments!

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When will your project go over budget?

One of the most painful experiences in project management is when a project goes over budget. The reasons vary but in most cases are 1. due to over-promising -leading to unsustainable time estimations, or 2. too many projects running in parallel resulting in insufficient oversight and guidance.

At Cronforce we proactively address such issues by tracking time bookings and budgets. You can plug the actual rates for your team members and set a budget for a project, sub-project or phase in a project. Once this is done, it is up to you to set a notification if budget reaches a certain level. In addition, you can disallow a budget to be exceeded or allow to exceed by just a certain amount. Many project managers and executives rely heavily on the Cronforce dashboard visualisations that allow in seconds to go over your complete list of projects and track progress. Find below an example of budget tracking:


The Cronforce toolset has been created with all businesses in mind. It is equally suitable for niche consulting offices or digital agencies as well as for bigger organisations of several hundred employees. The budget tracking scales over complex projects as well as matrix organisations while staying easy to use and configurable in seconds.

Feel free to test Cronforce! It is free to test and you can even use for free. Contact us any time if you have questions – just write us a comment to this post or send us an email.

About Cronforce

Cronforce is a leading provider of cloud-based Business Execution Software, and delivers time tracking, vacations management, budget controlling and workforce planning solutions for organizations of all sizes. A one of a kind fusion of dashboards and business tools it provides you and your clients with real-time overview and reports on business and project developments. Cronforce facilitates day-to-day business and enables managers to make data-driven decisions and increase efficiency. With Cronforce you can access your data easily, anywhere and any time!

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