Project structures explained

Project structureWith time our clients have asked us to support many different project structures. So we tweaked our cloud platform to support projects, subproject, phases and tasks. You can have several project setups in and they can co-exist independently from each other.

Find below a list of the possible project structures:

  1. Simple Project Structure
    • Projects: Business Development, Customer Support, Product Development.
  2. Projects and Tasks e.g.
    • Project: Business Development, with Tasks: Research, First Contact, Client Demos, Billing Matters, Renewals.
  3. Projects and Sub-Projects Structure
    • Project: Product Development, with Sub-Projects: Specification, Development, Quality Assurance.
  4. Project, Sub-Project and Tasks
    • Project: Product Development, with Sub-Project: Specification, with Tasks: Product Research, Competitor Research, Mockups, Specification Draft.
  5. Project, Sub-Project and Phases
    • Project: Business Development, with Sub-Project: Sales, with Phases: Leads Generation, Client Engagement, Key Account Management.
  6. Project, Sub-Project, Phases and Tasks
    • Project: Customer Support, with Sub-Project: Email Support, with Phases: Client Contact, Issue Resolution, Followup.

Hope this helps and keep in mind are available 24/7 sildenafilfromusa to help you with any requests – feel free to contact us!

The Team