Saving time

Routine is the keyword that defines your company’s activity. Employees have to do numerous routine actions before they begin work each day: get to the office, open a terminal or workstation and so on. There are also routine actions done within the workflow, namely ones that are key to the supervision, management and overall performance tracking.

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Time tracking is one such activity: it requires a constant routine of clocking in, clocking out and making sure that all information is in order regarding the description of one’s activity. Especially when having to deal with more than one program (such as a product management program), routine tasks can become particularly tedious and time consuming in the long run. Nobody can imagine these actions as complicated. However, the time and attention of specialized professionals are expensive and valuable, and every daily click that an experienced developer has to make that does not have to do with her actual work is expensive.

Cronforce was created exactly because of our feeling that existing solutions are not up to the task of minimising and optimising the routine tasks surrounding time management. Cronforce’s basic motivation is to streamline time management and all the routine actions done with it. We hate copy-pasting texts around from one program to another, and we are sure that you hate it too, especially on a daily basis. We want to remove that from your schedule and make time management as seamless and click-less as possible. 

This philosophy can be seen, for example, in Cronforce’s integration with product development solution Jira: once the integration is set up, clocking in and clocking out becomes as  efficient as possible, saving time and clicks.

Routine tasks will always remain there in the schedule of every employee on your roster, but with Cronforce this is reduced to a minimum in order to let them focus on what they know best.

About Cronforce

Cronforce is a leading provider of cloud-based Business Execution Software, and delivers time tracking, vacations management, budget controlling and workforce planning solutions for organizations of all sizes. A one of a kind fusion of dashboards and business tools it provides you and your clients with real-time overview and reports on business and project developments. Cronforce facilitates day-to-day business and enables managers to make data-driven decisions and increase efficiency. With Cronforce you can access your data easily, anywhere and any time! Cronforce is free to test and use (check our free and paid plans).

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