Introducing the New Cronforce Chrome Extension

Since last year, our Google integration has helped thousands of Cronforce users track time seamlessly within their organisations. We have planned a two stage integration with first stage deployed on the Chrome store as of today. It includes sign in to Cronforce with your Google account, easy import of users from your Google Contacts into Cronforce and seamless time report export to Google Drive. In our next release in couple of weeks users can start a Cronforce timer right from Chrome or applications we integrate with. It’s fast and convenient. See it in action!!!

Whether you’re on Mac, Windows or Linux, Chrome is a fast and free way to browse the web. Combining Chrome with the Cronforce extension is a great way to enjoy the speed and ease of time tracking on your desktop. Quickly start and stop timers and always know when you have a timer running at a glance. To get started:

That’s it! Enjoy!

By the way we are looking for more ways to integrate with Google and other apps. Just write a comment to this post or send us an email.

About Cronforce

Cronforce is a leading provider of cloud-based Business Execution Software, and delivers time tracking, vacations management, budget controlling and workforce planning solutions for organizations of all sizes. A one of a kind fusion of dashboards and business tools it provides you and your clients with real-time overview and reports on business and project developments. Cronforce facilitates day-to-day business and enables managers to make data-driven decisions and increase efficiency. With Cronforce you can access your data easily, anywhere and any time!

The Team

SAP BT Summit 2014 impressed with top speakers and great vibe

Over 2 days in the beginning of November our team had the chance to exchange thoughts with the SAP professionals shaping the future of business. The glamourous ballroom of Hotel Kempinski Adlon in Berlin featured impressive speakers such as Alexander Huber, Physicist and extreme mountain climber, Lars Gollenia, Global Head of SAP BTS, Hartmut Wegener, former Secretary of State  plus many more. The SAP team presented some truly diverse and impactful projects such as Airbus 380 Plant extension or the Hamburg Philharmonic Orchestra project, and behind the scenes talks ranged from best practices to innovation to futurology.

The team enjoyed several fruitful demos and discussions with the curious SAP exec team as part of our ‘Digitally Enhanced Management’ panel and have showcased our new product extension featuring dashboards and analytics of the Cronforce timesheet and budgeting cloud platform. The SAP team has engaged actively with even more ideas how to extend the current functionality and welcomed our approach to making the enterprise efficient and bring back business transparency to every day operations.

We are very thankful for the invitation and truly warm welcome. Looking forward to SAP BT Summit 2015!

Many thanks and see you next time,

The Team

SAP BT Summit  2014