Cronforce releases Jira time tracking add-on

We are excited to announce that Cronforce is now part of the Atlassian Marketplace family. The many weeks of nextdaynootropics hard work together with the Jira team on a full integration with Jira is now over. Stay put though because there is more coming and we continue with some more integrations.

Here is a quick sneak peak:

time tracking in jira

The add-on allows you to:

  • run a timer directly from an issue, and see how much time was tracked
  • submit tracked time and comments to Cronforce by a single click
  • synchronize worklogs between JIRA and Cronforce
  • take a look at the jira addon time tracking video

In addition from Cronforce you can (requires 5 min. configuration):

  • track time on issues right from JIRA
  • import projects, tasks, ticket data and duration directly from JIRA
  • pull times based on employee request
  • create reports of your team’s workflow
  • organize your data from JIRA based issues, users, teams and projects

Enjoy and please feel free to contact us at if you need any help.

The Team