11 Productivity and Time Management Twitter Personae You Should Check Out

We can safely say that we’re a bit of time management & productivity freaks around here. Why would we even consider creating a piece of software that focuses on a timesheet system otherwise?

But as ordinary human beings, we also draw inspiration from other people focusing on what interests us. New angles to the delicate art of time management and productivity are always a nourishing meal for the mind. Here are 11 Twitter personae who are pretty educational when it comes to time management & productivity bits of insight.

Time management gurus to follow on Twitter.

#1 Craig Jarrow @TMNinja

Who: Obviously, Craig is a time management ninja who battles chaos, unmanaged tasks and shows the right path to time management. Straight to the point with his actionable advice, he’s a favorite of ours.

Why: We fell in love with his “5 ways a positive attitude makes you more productive” article. Especially the silver lining bit resonates especially well with us, as we’re natural born optimists.

#2 Christian Reber @christianreber

Who: Christian is the founder of the legendary productivity tool Wunderlist. We love it. Some of our clients love it too. It’s simply wunderful.

Why: Wunderlist is enough of a standalone reason for following Christian. Aside from that, he’s an important inspiration to us, as Wunderlist’s headquarters are in Berlin – the same as ours.

#3 Violeta Nedkova @VioletaNedkova

Who: Violeta  is a creative marketing guru with various bits of advice scattered along her website (and Twitter). We think her trademark is the enchanting way she talks on…well, just about anything that interests her.

Why: We already elaborated on the fact that we’re a bit of a control freaks. Violeta’s article on her specific calendar system is simply marvelous and we couldn’t help but fall in love with it.

#4 Paul Sohn @pauljsohn

Who: Paul Sohn ranks in the top 33 under 33 millenials and is a sheer inspiration to bloggers and entrepreneurs alike. While primarily focusing on leadership, his insight expands to many other areas.

Why: His extensive Must-read books list caught our attention, but what surprised us is that we have similar taste with Paul. Seth Godin and Cal Newport make for a killer combination.

#5 Erik Fisher @ErikJFisher

Who: Mixing social media management with productivity podcasts, Erik Fisher offers an extremely fresh perspective to both of these worlds.

Why: Erik’s podcast “Beyond the to do list” features established entrepreneurs and people who have many things to say about productivity and balancing personal life and careers.

#6 Asian Efficiency @asianefficiency

Who: We’re talking about a team here and what a team that is. Asian Effiency gives us tasty portions of tips and articles on the fine art of productivity.

Why: Sometimes people forget that productivity involves mistakes and we can easily slip into making them on a regular basis. Asian Efficiency’s article on productivity mistakes is a refreshing and educational read here.

#7 Dragos Roua @dragosroua

Who: Dragos offers a refreshing Romanian take on enterpreneurship, personal development and the world of motivation and productivity.

Why: Productivity might be a intangible concept to some, but it follows a certain pattern and you have to follow its rules. Dragos’ article on the 10 rules of productivity is a must-read in this regard.

#8 Think Productive @thinkproductive

Who: Gathering from scattered locations around the world, Think Productive’s ninjas help you out bring your inner productivity beast forth and get stuff done. The collective offers a fun take on what it means to get things done – and how you can do that.

Why: Distractions are deadly to productivity. We especially loved Think Productive’s article on Mindfulness and its positive effect amidst a “digitally distracted world”, as the collective puts it. Bonus points for meditation, as some members of our team practice it.

#9 Pomodoro Technique @PomodoroTech

Who: If you haven’t heard what the Pomodoro Technique is, we advise to take a trip to unleashing your productivity at this very moment. How? Just check out what the technique is on Pomodoro Tech’s official website.

Why: Isn’t such a genius method of boosting your productivity enough? We think it should be.

#10 Michael Sliwinski @Msliwinski

Who: Michael Sliwinski is founder of Nozbe and a real inspiration when it comes to productivity and entrepreneurship. Definitely a person you should check out.

Why: Cronforce focuses on remote teams with our set of features and Michael has a killer article on his remote team without any office present in the equation.

#11 A Life of Productivity @ALOProductivity

Who: A life of Productivity is the project of Crhis Bailey who is infatuated with both mondfulness and productivity. Aside from his valuable tips, the design of ALOP’s website is simply fantastic.

Why: Have you ever thought what does your time really cost? Chris offers us a very interesting perspective to the exact value your time has and we tend to agree. An absolute must-read in our opinion.

The Cronforce.com team.