What is a Time clock and do I really need it?

Clock toolToday’s post is about measuring your billable time with time clock software also known as punch clock. In its simplest form it is a button that you press once to initiate the time count and press again to end the counting. Do you need it? It depends.

Many customers of Cronforce.com tell us a familiar story:

“We bill our value added services based on time spent with the client. Our rates account for many activities that the client is not aware of such as training, administrative costs, office, equipment etc. yet often our rates cause raised eyebrows. When we send our bill the client is very focus on time as it defines his/her bill and expects exact time measurement. This often goes as detailed as up to the minute and clients clearly dislike to see rounded time accounts.

Do you offer a punch clock or other means of accounting time up to the minute?”

To answer the question: Such hardware exists for many years and software has also caught up. Cronforce does not make an exception and we recently added a mini time recording tool that you can activate from the time management area in the upper right area of our cloud system. We have designed the solution around simplicity, user experience and speed. The time clock tool not only precisely tracks time but also allows to pause and restart the count, import the time with 1 click directly into your timesheet, pre- or post configure a project, subproject, task and comment for your project.

Yet, there is something more you can do to keep your clients happy. We recommend to be preemptive and involve your clients on a weekly basis to approve your time sheets. How to do this, read in our previous publication How to avoid disputed bills and angry customers?.

So, do you need a time recording system? If you and your client agree on minute-wise counting then definitely. But even if you do 101meds.com not it could be helpful to get a taste of how certain activities take you and use this data for your own analysis.

We are available 24/7 to help you with such requests or any others – feel free to contact us!

The Cronforce.com Team