Why Cronforce works: a case for big picture planning


You might have noticed by now that Cronforce is not your typical time-tracking, project or resource management tool. By focusing on big picture planning, we enable innovation within your company, rather than manage a finite, yet ever-changing list of tasks.

Innovation requires a perfect balance between constraints and flexibility. And if your team’s role is to innovate, consider ditching the myriad of alike tools and go for a clear and memorable delineation of KPIs and ever relevant cost and billable budget planning. Our flexible structure allows you to iterate and adapt the project as you go, but ensures everyone keeps the goal in mind.

By having high-level visibility you are more likely to have your team on the same page all the time and then you can detail out tasks in smaller chunks as the project develops. How do you do this best? By digging into our detailed KPI dashboards and all feature gems.

Happy budget planning and time tracking,

The Cronforce.com Team

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