Your 5 min Guide to Budget tracking and Cost control

After the success of our 5 min guide on time tracking and 5 minute guide on tracking timeoffs – it is finally time to talk about budgets and costs at Cronforce. This time we will need slightly more than the 1 minute we promised in the previous guides. Similarly to timesheets and timeoffs modules, the finance module comes pre-configured when you register for a free trial. For that purpose we create a Test project, set an initial budget for it and also define default cost and billable rates for some common job roles.

The Finance module offers a Dashboard which visualizes how much money you make per month and per project including also the projects altogether. This section has been extensively discussed in 2 separate articles so please feel free to read Know your Finances and When will your project go over budget?

In the Budgets Overview section you will find a list of all active projects with their respective budget if one is already set. Budgets are tracked based on the rates that are first set in Finance > Default Hourly Rates page and to learn more just read Why not set up monthly budget for your project. It is a simple table with columns organised by job role and seniority and these rates can later be overwritten from the Finance > Rate Rules section. Not surprisingly we already have created a guide for this – Sinking in employee rates complexity – there is an easy way. Last but not least you can extract all budget and cost related information from the Finance > Reports section. For this purpose the section already has a sample report where you can play and reshuffle the fields to build your own type of report.

There are some quite similar things clients ask us so we have compiled a list of common questions and answers.

I do purchasesildenafil not have billable projects. May I track just the costs?

Yes, just go to Finance > Budget Overview and select a project. There you can type in a value just for the cost amount.

I want to know when a budget is almost spent. Can you do this?

Of course, please go to Finance > Budget Overview and select a project. In the field “notify if budget reached %” type in the % of budget after which you should get a notification.

Do you send a notification when a budget is reached?

Yes, we do send a notification. You can also provide additional emails than the default system email. To set this up go to Finance > Budget Overview and select a project. In the field “additional email to notify” type in the employee email to be used.

This should be it. Please do not forget – you are always welcome to contact us at if you need any help.

The Team